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Yasa Enterprise - Tokyo
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Yasa Enterprise

Japanese Technology for You

About Yasa Enterprise

Yasa Enterprise Ltd. is the trading company, established in 1994, in Tokyo.

In the beginning, our main business was export of used agricultural and construction machinery, and spare parts for automobiles/vehicles of high quality, made by well-known Japanese companies; we mainly shipped to the Middle East countries because the demand was high there.

Shortly after starting this export business, we embarked on the new task – exporting medical equipment made in Japan, in response to requests from customers.
Through those steady management of export business gradually earned not only customers’ trust but also suppliers’ one. And gratefully, we have been growing and gaining more reliance on them.

Furthermore, in 2019 we started yet a new business, that is importing dry fruits and nuts from countries from Asia and the Middle East, where these crops are of superior quality. In order to make such imports to Japan a lucrative business, we order products directly from local these crops producers.

The products we import are sold to Japanese whole-sellers, and we are confident that we can meet the Japanese market demands with expanse of health consciousness.

“To be a trading company that brings a meaningful and full-fledged contribution to the society” –
this is our ultimate goal.